eSTEM diploma is approved from the Supreme Council at Ain Shams University.
eSTEM diploma is approved from the Supreme Council at Alexandria University with one recommendation which is to convert the type of the diploma from a Special Diploma to a Professional Diploma.
Agreement between the Faculty of Education – Ain Shams University, Faculty of Engineering Ain Shams University, the Faculty of Engineering – Nile University to cooperate in implementing the stem diploma.
The initiation of a new project with Ain Shams University as a partner. The project is funded by the US-Aid agency. It aims at developing a program for teachers working in the Secondary Stage STEM schools in Egypt. These are currently 11 schools established within a national project led by the Ministry of Education to establish one STEM school per Egyptian governorate (27 governorates). The role of Ain Shams University is to develop the specialization track for the teachers of these schools. This comes as a continuation to the achievements of this estem project which focused mainly on primary and preparatory school teachers in the general schools.