Quality control and monitoring of the project progress and timely outcomes is an essential procedure to assure the success of the project. The quality plan shall conduct preventive actions to minimize the nonconformity at the beginning.

Corrective actions also is planned to ensure fast and prompt action to correct any deviation from the project outcomes (quality and time). The project is divided into workpackages, each with a specific time- and work plan, assigned a workpackage leader and an implementation team. Accordingly, the quality plan is deployed on four levels:

  1. Institution level.
  2. Workpackage level.
  3. Project coordinator level.
  4. external experts level.


The quality plan is responsible for two main activities:

  1. Monitoring the outcomes quality in terms of content and compliance with time plan and financial procedures.
  2. Setting up the procedures for assuring the deliverables’ quality.

Some of the quality assurance and control activities:

  1. Institutional internal follow-up reports to the workpackages leaders.
  2. Workpackage follow-up reports to the project coordinator.
  3. Institutional financial follow-up and reports to the coordinator.
  4. External experts’ suggestions report after reviewing project activities and outcomes.
  5. Quality assurance process and procedures for technical and financial activities.
  6. Quality control forms and report templates.
  7. E-labs and e-experiments standards.
  8. E-labs and e-experiments development templates.
  9. Accreditation and trainings courses.