The diploma will be accredited in Egypt by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities and also will be accredited in EU by accreditation bodies, hence, the diploma is designed to be compatible with the credit hours system for the Egyptian accreditation and also compatible with the ECTS system for the EU accreditation.

Currently, we are applying for the EG accreditation and exploring possibilities about the form of EU accreditation/certification in the partners countries like UK, Latvia and Sweden.

We arranged a course on eLearning standards provided by ECB-Check to develop the diploma according to the highest international standards of ECB-Check model in eLearning.

ECBCheck is a quality improvement scheme for e-learning programs, leading to the award of a certification label. It consists of a professional community, a self-assessment procedure to enhance internal quality assurance and an external peer-review to provide recommendations for improvement as well as a label for quality. ECBCheck was initially designed for organizations working in capacity building, but is open to all e-learning organizations.