Through this course we will discuss five main topics, the first one is “Mechatronics” which includes the main definition of Mechatronics, identify the main elements of Mechatronics System and finally illustrative mechatronics examples will be discussed and explore its relation to STEM education. 

Second topic is “Electrical Fundamentals” which includes the main principle of electrical circuits, its main components, different connections configurations of DC circuit elements together, analysis the circuit itself, main principle of electronic circuits components and its applications and finalizing the topic with brief intro to digital circuits, state the difference between the numbering systems and demonstrate the basic logic gates.

Third topic “Embedded Systems” which includes brief introduction to embedded system, state some related terminologies, main difference between the microprocessor and microcontroller and know how to use Arduino as simple platform for embedded system application , then we go through the main programming tools like define inputs and outputs, conditioning programming and using loops and finalizing the topic with some advanced output and demonstrates its programming method.

Fourth Topic “Actuators” which include the main concept of actuators and the theory behind then we will go through different application of actuators like DC Motors and Servo motor and discover its characteristics and know how to control it using Arduino platform connected with the needed driver.

Finally Fifth Topic “Sensors” ‘which includes  the main concept of sensors and the theory behind then we will go through the different classifications of sensors after that it will be conducted with some common applications of sensors using in the different Mechatronics applications.